British Army Snow Smock

You might remember last year I picked up a pair of snow camouflage trousers (See here), I have now picked up the smock to allow me to complete a full suit:

D550FE38-C0BE-4C41-9972-A9552E385FF9 The smock is designed to be pulled over the head and thus has no central fastening. It has pleated pockets over the breast, secured by brown plastic buttons:

D79B74E8-A09D-48EB-B5C4-FEAD70820FFAThe lower pockets are simple un pleated patch pockets secured by the same style of button:

F4D1437D-D87F-4552-B740-A581DD54C29BThe forearms are reinforced with an extra layer of fabric:

8EBCB611-A263-47E7-9AFF-86FF92CBBB7DThe waist of the smock is secured by a simple cotton tape:

16713FBE-08D0-481E-AFB1-580E0D24BC8FThere is a hood to the garment, secured by another cotton tape:


The hood was not often worn as it restricted head movement, hearing and peripheral vision. Below are a couple of reconstructions of a British soldier in winter 1944 wearing the full snow camouflage suit:







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