58 Pattern Belt

Continuing our on-going look at the various components of British webbing sets, tonight we are turning to the 1958 pattern waistbelt. As in all other webbing sets form Mills, the 58 pattern set is built around the waist belt and the design is evolutionary rather than revolutionary from the earlier 37 and 44 pattern designs. The belt is made of the same pre-shrunk dark green cotton webbing as the rest of the 58 pattern set, but rather than brass, the fittings are made of anodised aluminium. As ever we turn to the fitting instructions for a detailed description:

Belt, Waist

This is 2 ¼ inches wide and is supplied in two sizes:

Normal- Adjustable up to 40 inches in length

Large- Adjustable between 37 inches and 46 inches in length. imageEach end of the belt is fitted with a metal hook, which engage in a series of eyelets for adjustment of length.  imageThe belt is fastened by a clasp buckle (hook and loop pattern) with slides to hold the two parts of the clasp in position. imageThe two small ‘D’ rings fixed to the bottom edge of the belt are for attachment of the cape carrier. imageThe belt is stamped with a stores number and the size on the inside, at the rear. As is often the case with 58 pattern webbing this is hard to read due to the dark base colour of the webbing set:imageThese belts were to prove very popular and despite 58 pattern webbing having been obsolete for a quarter of a century, the belts are still commonly seen being used as trouser belts by serving service personnel- indeed I myself prefer it to the modern nylon issued belt which is particularly flimsy.


3 thoughts on “58 Pattern Belt

  1. Earl Lewis

    Hi, out of curiosity do you know where I can get hold of a genuine 58 pattern belt? All the ones I find online are replicas or Made by Kombatuk.

    1. hatchfive Post author

      Hi Earl, without knowing where you are located it is hard to make a definate suggestion, however a quick look at eBay in the UK shows they have a selection of genuine and repro 58 pattern belts. If you are in the UK genuine belts are still very easy to find and if you can find a military surplus shop or modern militaria dealer at a show, chances are they will have some belts available.

      1. Earl Lewis

        I am based in the north east of uk I have had a look on ebay but all i have come across is battered original ones or replica types made by Kombat but I am still searching online for one in mint condition.

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