Indian Mk III 37 Pattern Basic Pouch

Last weekend I went up to the annual Pickering World War Two weekend. A good time was had, and as usual I trawled the stalls in case of something interesting to add to the collection. Normally I bypass Soldier of Fortune’s stall completely as they sell reproduction kit for re-enactors rather than the original kit I am looking for, this time however they had some sale boxes in front of their stall and on a whim I rooted through. I was therefore both surprised and very pleased to find an Indian made Mk III 37 pattern pouch:imageLike its British counterpart, this pouch has replaced the press stud fastener with a quick release tab and staple:imageThis design change was introduced in late 1945 and as can be seen was even less of a success with soft Indian webbing than it had been on the stiffer UK production. The poor quality means that it is impossible now to fasten the pouch as the strap is too soft and bendy to fit through the fastener. The poor quality is also evident in the brass buckle at the top of the pouch, which clearly has one side wider than the other:imageThe back of the pouch is typical of all other 37 pattern basic pouches:imageAgain the poor quality is visible in the brass c-hooks and the wear where they are sewn to the body of the pouch:imageOn the underside three large brass grommets allow water to drain out of the pouch:imageInterestingly although Indian production has been updated to include the quick release tab, the underside of the pouch lid still retains the cartridge loops for ballistite blank rounds that was dropped from British production after the Mk I:imageThis pouch was originally pre-dyed in green, much of which has been bleached off now. Note however the remains of the green in the corners of the underside of the lid:imageAs can be seen this pouch was manufactured by KEF in 1945. These Indian made Mk III pouches are not common and this is the first one I have seen outside of Martin Brayley’s ‘Khaki Drill and Jungle Green’ book- a lucky and cheap find that rather made my day!


2 thoughts on “Indian Mk III 37 Pattern Basic Pouch

  1. BArry

    Interesting to note that NZ received 15,000 sets of Indian made web Equipment (complete).
    when and where it was relieved is still to be sort.


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