Ancillaries pack, 20mm Mountings

Tonight’s object is a bit of minor mystery, which neither myself nor other collectors I know have yet been able to answer. This large webbing pack is a little taller than a standard 08 large pack:imageIt is clearly marked with its contents ‘Pack Ancillaries, 20mm Mountings Mk 1, I.E.L. Co, 1945’:imageHerein lies the problem! What 20mm mounting is this pack associated with? The pack itself has phenolin resin impregnated tips to the ends of the straps:imageThis was an economy measure used by Canada in its webbing manufacture after 1944, suggesting that the bag would have been made for a Canadian produced 20mm anti-aircraft gun, the most likely contender being the Polsten gun:polsten_airborne_mounting_no_2_mk_2_1945_photoThe Polsten was a Polish developed version of the Oerlikon that was simpler and cheaper to manufacture. The design team fled the Nazi invasion and the gun was manufactured in huge quantities for the Allies- Jon Inglis of Toronto in Canada producing many thousands of these guns. I have no confirmation that the pack is for this gun, but it’s certainly a strong possibility. To return to the pack, if we look at the rear we can see a series of straps and buckles:imageThese fastenings are a paired short strap and a buckle:imagePresumably the strap was wrapped around a metal tube or similar, and then tightened up to hold it secure, but exactly how these worked and what they attached to is a bit of a mystery- if anyone can help fill in the gaps with this piece of webbing please get in contact as it would be nice to have a definitive answer! I apologise for the vagueness of tonight’s post, but so far my research has drawn something of a blank, however it is still an interesting piece of webbing and I hope it has been of interest.


7 thoughts on “Ancillaries pack, 20mm Mountings

  1. Dave

    Hello- Have you discovered anything more on the 20mm-Mountings pack? I just came across one in Canada and its bothering me that I can’t figure out exactly where it goes! Regards,

  2. Nick Pocock.

    Hello. I have one of these packs.ME Co dated 1944 but with standard brass ends to the straps. No other lettering on it.

    1. hatchfive Post author

      Thanks for comenting, this proves it was also made in the UK- every other example I have seen has been Canadian so it is nice to have confirmation it was made over here as well.

  3. Karl M. Ranum

    I have one. If I could get the photo to attach I’ll send it. Sorry to say I’m not making any greater progress in the research either. Grandfather and great G passed years ago.

    So, I’m running down a few gentlemen in the community (asking questions, not running them over …)

    Maybe something will pop.

  4. Karl M. Ranum

    You’re missing a bit, maybe.

    Mine has the long shoulder straps as well as the short ones.
    I think they work in combination.

    I also think the printing is the J.E.L. CO.


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