Royal Navy Money Belt

In 1924 the Royal navy introduced a blue webbing belt for its ratings. The belt was 2 ¼“ wide and came in two sizes, 40” or 46” long:

As can be seen from the picture above a small pocket was fitted on the right hand side, secured with two press studs:This was frequently used to carry small change, and indeed inside this example I found four screwed up notes from the Far East:These are three Hong Kong notes for small amounts and a Japanese Occupation note. Quite why these were left in the belt is a bit of a mystery, but suggest the original owner saw service in the Orient. The belt was adjustable with a toothless metal buckle:And fastened with a leather tab:And metal waist buckle:The leather tab was deleted in January 1935 and replaced with a webbing tab instead, presumably to save materials, cost or manufacture time. A metal hook was also fitted to the belt to allow a jack knife to be hung from it:Again this was one of the features deleted in January 1935, although many ratings continued to use the hook and indeed retro-fitted newer pattern belts with their own spring clips to match the earlier design. The belt had originally only been issued to Royal Naval ratings, but its use was extended to the Royal Naval Reserve and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve in August 1930. An example of the post 1935 pattern belt can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Royal Navy Money Belt

  1. Ian Holloway

    I was actually issued one of these in the early ’70s. It clearly was from old stock, though, for (a) the snaps on the money pouch didn’t work well, and (b) it was a bit too wide for the belt loops that were by that stage on the seaman’s bell bottoms. But I still have it!


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