NCO’s Mess Dress Jacket

Last year we looked at an officer’s mess dress here. Tonight we have another mess dress jacket, but this time for a senior NCO rather than an officer. NCOs have similar mess dress uniforms to officers but frequently they lack certain features like shoulder straps (rank insignia being sewn to the sleeve rather than worn on the shoulder) and piping is likely to be absent or of a different style to the officers in the regiment. I believe this example dates from the late 1930s and is scarlet with deep green facings (although they appear black in these photos):

The lapels of the uniform are in the facing colour of the regiment and normally reflect that used on dress unfirms by the regiments predecessors before WW1. The same facing colours are often used on the collars as well, here piped in white:The bottom edge of this mess dress is piped in red, coming to a shallow point at the small of the back:The mess dress jacket is fully lined:And this example was made by Briggs and Co Ltd:Sadly I have been unable to ascertain exactly which regiment this mess dress was for as all the regulations I have access to only cover officers. Based on these I suspect this mess dress might have been for The Green Howards, The South Wales Borderers or The Dorsetshire Regiment- unfortunately none of these regiments lists white piping in the officer’s regulations but as this might just be an NCO affectation it is hard to get a positive ID.


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