Post War Tool Roll

There were many different tool rolls issued to British Army personnel to hold specialist tools together. Unfortunately very few of these tool rolls have markings indicating their original use, so collectors are left to make the best guess they can and hope someone with more knowledge can provide a positive ID. Tool rolls produced during the war tended to be a khaki shade of canvas, by the 1950s the canvas was dyed a greener shade:The tool roll is a long rectangle of canvas with a leather reinforcement and webbing loop down the centre to secure the tools:The narrow loops suggest that this tool roll might have been for something long and thin, like screwdrivers, rather than for a set of spanners which would be too wide. Flaps are provided that cover the top and bottom of the tools, and end flaps are then folded over the centre:The tool roll is then rolled up and secured with two webbing straps and buckles, a handle is fitted between the straps to make it easy to carry:The tool roll is marked with a /|\ acceptance mark, a date of 1955 and a stores code:If any readers do know the exact purpose of this tool roll, please get in contact. Although this is a nice addition, the tool roll I really want to find is one for a set of spanners as I now have six or seven WD marked spanners which I would like to display in the correct tool roll.


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