1980s British Army Aertex Vest

Men joining the British Army in the late 1970s and early 1980s were issued with dark green underwear. As well as several pairs of truly horrendous y-front pants, soldiers also received two or three dark green vests and it is one of those we have tonight:The vest is a sleeveless design, made of a dark green open weave fabric. A label is sewn into the neck which would have given sizing and care instructions. The vest has seen many washes however so the printing is completely obliterated now:The hems of the vest are sewn with a heavy duty machine sewn seam to prevent them coming undone with the regular washing a garment like a vest would be subjected to:The vest was often called a ‘shreddie’ vest, the name deriving form a popular British breakfast cereal with a lattice shape. The vests seem to have been marginally more popular than the underpants, but generally they were quickly ditched in favour of more comfortable civilian underwear; although by all accounts the issue aertex underwear was useful as a cleaning cloth- apparently they were especially good at cleaning glass with!


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