South Atlantic Fund First Day Cover

On 15th July 1982 a charity called ‘The South Atlantic Fund’ was constituted to raise money to aid the victims of the war in the Falkland Islands and their families. By Autumn 1982 a sum of £11 million had been raised and one of those contributing to the fund was the Royal Mail who issued a special first day cover to raise money:SKM_C45817070608230Fortuitously the Royal Mail had issued a set of stamps based on famous naval personalities from history on 16th June, which provided a suitable set of stamps to display on the cover:SKM_C45817070608230 - CopyA special envelope was printed for the South Atlantic Fund, with a design incorporating the White Ensign and the silhouette of a frigate:SKM_C45817070608230 - Copy (2)Inside the envelope is a card giving details of the charity and how much money the Royal Mail was aiming to collect:SKM_C45817070608230 - Copy (3)Alan Feinstein, Director of Public Relations at The Post Office wrote to the Daily Mail on 7th June 1982 explaining:

Mrs Such (Letters) will be pleased to learn that the Post Office will be offering for sale a million special pictorial envelopes with a maritime theme to boost the South Atlantic Fund by a minimum of £100,000.

They will go on sale at most post offices from June 28 until July 2, following the issue on June 16 of our planned Maritime Heritage stamps planned more than two years ago to celebrate the English Tourist Board’s Maritime Heritage Year.

The Post Office is guaranteeing a £100,000 minimum donation from the sale of the special envelope and the stamps bought for them, and any surplus will also go to the fund.

A special advert was taken out in the national press to advertise the covers:DMHA-1982-0628-0024-FSadly I have been unable to find out the exact amount of money raised by the sale of these covers, but judging by how common they are I suspect a lot were sold!


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