Olive Green PLCE Water Bottle Carrier

Following on from our recent post on the olive green PLCE ammunition pouches, tonight we are turning our attention to the water bottle carrier. My thanks go to Michael Fletcher for helping me add this one to my collection and effectively doubling my green PLCE collection! When the PLCE set was introduced it was agreed to continue with the black plastic Osprey water bottle that had been used with the old 58 pattern set, however the new set included a larger pouch to carry it in that made it much easier to remove the bottle than that used on its predecessor:imageThe olive green colour indicates that this is an early production pouch, however as there are no visible markings on the pouch I cannot precisely date it. The pouch is secured on the front with the quick release ‘Spanish’ fastener:imageLike the ammunition pouches, this is supplemented with a Velcro fastener, covered with a noise reduction tab:imageThe inside of the pouch has an internal divider:imageNormally this is tucked away to allow the full size of the pouch to be used for a water bottle, however by using the divider a set of mess tins and a hexamine burner can be carried in the pouch without rattling. The back of the pouch has a confusing array of flaps, loops and hooks:imageAt the top we have a large flap secured with Velcro and lift the dot fasteners alongside a brass ‘C’ hook. The flap is used for attaching the pouch to a belt, whilst the brass hook prevents it from sliding along the length of the belt:imageThis was less than effective, with full pouches coming loose under their own weight (the same problem the Canadian had with their 64 pattern canteen carriers which also relied on Velcro!), to counter this the attachments were replaced with plastic T-bar hooks on later models.

Beneath this is a plastic patch for writing the owner’s name and number:imageAs can be seen, next to this is a small loop used for passing a piece of cord through to tie the pouch to others on the belt set. As usual a drainage hole is also included on the base:imageAs with other pieces of olive green PLCE this pouch was only in production for a relatively small period of time, however they remain common and easily available but with the growing interest in the First Gulf War they will become increasingly collectible as time goes on.


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